Art Show – Discerning Eye

Art Show – Discerning Eye  Don’t know if many of you have been to see the Discerning Eye show at the Mall Galleries, here in London. The works are small (part of the criteria) and the walls may be a bit overcrowded so it is difficult to pick out some excellent works. However, there is some absolute rubbish. While some artists have failed to observe (with a discerning eye), others are badly executed. Firstly, this is not professional jealously and secondly, I personally hate academic forms of painting and drawing. I am not keen either on the super-realism modern form of painting (usually in acrylics).   What is frustrating is how these works get selected. The process with this show is curating by individuals for a section of the wall and in one case, I recognised the name of a well-known actress. So what can one do as I am fed up of submitting to be rejected…? Here’s one of my 8” x 10” assemblages…

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