Cityscapes/ Seascapes

Cityscape Painting, Marine Art, Drawings of Buildings, Maritime, Architecture featuring buildings, views, scenes and landmarks – in the UK, Cyprus, Turkey, Middle East and Africa as well as London and around Greenwich – including its yacht club but along the British coast produced as a result of travels by motorhome and yacht.

Works often capture the unappreciated vibrant colour as well as the engineering and the ravages of the elements shown in their worn texture

Like all my picture making, there is a wide range of techniques and media used including mixed media. The stimulus for the method to be used is based on the subject so can include coloured pencil or crayons (such as Carand’Ache neocolour but can also be elaborate mixtures of cut out shapes, texture paste, DIY filler, acrylic paint and oil pastels to recreate not on the colours and shapes but also the textures of the materials. A gritty filler may be used for road surfaces while a modelled texture paste is utilised to create waves.