Drawing Lessons, Painting Classes, Art Education, Tuition: Chris Francis provides opportunities to learn or evolve painting and drawing skills either in, or with a group or as an individual to discover how to enjoy creating and making pictures. The overall aim is for you to develop your own vision, to paint and draw for yourself and not for friends and relatives and certainly not for you to merely slavishly copy established schools or artists.

This is a revolutionary approach not intended for those who merely want to learn individual techniques but wish to express their vision based on observation and representation. It is distant from the childhood way of painstaking academic drawing and then colouring in. It’s about enjoying the subject – whether it’s any of those listed below or in any of the media (or combinations) quoted. Lessons can be studio-based or en plein air.

Contact the artist on 07976 707614 or e-mail to let him know your requirements and make a booking.

The artist is happy to travel throughout the UK, subject to arrangement, to give demonstrations.


Figurative (Life Painting and Drawing or Portraits – Model fees might apply)
Maritime (Harbour, Scenes, Seascapes, Coastal Scenes and Vessels)
Built Environment (Cityscapes, Landmarks and Marine Structures)
Still Life and Object Drawing


Pencil, Charcoal and Conte, Ink, Pen and Wash, Pastels (Soft or Oil), Coloured Pencils, Acrylics and Mixed Media.

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