Figurative Paintings and Drawings

Figurative Painting, Figure Drawings, Life, Art, Nudes – artworks hark back to the 60s and have been a constant interest via adult education and short courses since –even when working in full time jobs commerce and education.

My style has evolved into working from the broad (often by underpainting) to the specific using pastels, crayons and other graphic media to define sensual forms and shape. The technique retains a vibrant naturalistic expression of the colours of differing ethnic flesh tones far removed from conventional academic rendering.

As with all my work, there is much experimentation with media including using bas-relief, three-dimensional forms and metallic paints. However, there is also the love and awe of the beautiful female form in all its shapes, colours and tones in realistic yet vibrant flesh hues, vibrant shades and exotic metallic paint as well as the sensual and tangible following and moulding of contours with line and cross-hatching.